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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Singapore Smart Home different from others?

Our system emphsis on using Voice Controlled, which will be user friendly to Elderly at home. 

We care and listen to your problem at home, and propose a solution 

Which are the specialty areas that Singapore Smart Home work in?

We understand your existing problem at home, and design accordingly using latest technology, i.e. Artificial Interlligent, Smart Home System. 

We mainly do upgrading of your existing home system. Not rebuilt your interior design. 

Will It Be Massive Renovation?

We will minimise the days and works involve. We mainly focus on upgrading the existing home/system to become a smart home system. We do not cover the 'Interior Design' scope. 

We do not expect to mess up your house during the upgrading, and you do not have to move out of your house during the upgrading period. We try to limit to 1 or 2 days installation (labour is expensive, we are more worry than you)

Example, for Smart Light System, there is no rewiring of the existing wiring system required. It only take a few hours to replace the existing system. 

What If I Need After Sales S

We need to survive long to feed our family, we wish to serve longer and and better, so that you can refer your friends to solve their problem at home. 

We can be reached to tackle your technical problem after sales. 

We also will keep up-to-date with the latest advancement of the technology, in order to advice you further. 

What Other Questions Do You Have ?