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1. Smart Security System.

- During your family holiday trip, keep worrying about nobody at home, burglary, break in?
- Can’t enjoy your holiday ?
- Can't have peace of mind during holiday, or even every night when you sleep?

- Our Smart Security System can automatically turn on the lights, TV, fan etc during night time, and turn off during sleeping time. No one (not even your neighbor) will notice that the whole family is out for holiday.

- Will alert you through your phone when your doors/windows are opened. Or there is any break-in.

- You can immediately view through your phone from anywhere (mobile data required) what is going on in your house.

- All the activities in the house will be recorded and can be backed-up to a laptop not in your house, which the burglar has no way to remove or deleted. You will have evident on who broke-in.

2. Single Command to Control your Smart Home

Coming home feeling very tire,
" Honey, I am home "
Just a single command, the Artificial Intelligence will complete a list of miscellaneous tasks for you. Let you step in the home with your desired settings : romantic light ambian, aircon pre-set temperature, your favorite music.

3. Multiple individual commands

You may conveniently control your home lighting system, home appliances with simple voice command.

- " Turn on TV " while you preparing your coffee, afterward you can enjoy your favorite tv show. 

- "Turn on living room light" while you are walking into your bedroom,

- "Turn on aircon in master bedroom" before you enter your bedroom. 

This is very helpful for elderly at home, they don't have to move around the house turning on and off switches. Is their retiring life style to sit there and relax, AI will do the job for them.   

4. Artificial Intelligence Entertainment

AI can patiently chats with parents, kids or anyone. She can also learn your preference/style and recommends the music that suits you. 

Kids can improve their language such as mandarin through communicating with AI. 

Lot of fun to be explored     

5. Voice controls TV, Music etc

While brewing your coffee, " play my favorite show ", The system will search and play you your favorite movie, you may just sit down and relax. 

Enjoying dinner in your dining room with your love one, "play me a romantic song" 

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What Problem You Have?

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- Home Fire Alarm ?
- Parents Safety at Home ?
- Kids Monitoring System ?
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