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Singapore Smart Home

Turn Your Space To A Voice Controlled Smart Home.

1. Better retiring lifestyle for your parent.

"SMART" home system sound too complicated for your parent?  

Your Parent don't know how to use Smart phone/app to control your home system?

Our system is easy to use. Just uses voice to control. (English/Chinese)

It used to be "Maria, turn on the fan", sometime Maria will had bad mood.

Now "AI, turn on/off the fan", they can repeat 100 times continuously, AI still stay cool. So do your parent.  


This is very helpful for elderly at home, they don't have to move around the house turning on and off switches. Their retiring life style should be sitting there and relax, AI will do the job for them.   

2. Safety and convenient of your kids. 

Your kids climbing up chairs try to turn on switches ? 

Too dangerous for your kids to accidentally touch switches ?

Now they can use voice to turn on/off lights, air-conditional, fan, television etc. 

3. Control your home easily outside or inside the house.

Forgot to switch off your air-condition and just realise it 10 minutes after you drive out of your house?

Too troublesome to manually on/off your home switches, electric appliances ?

Our Smart Home system allow you to remote control through your 4G phones (outside) , or through voice command (at home).  

When you choose to work with me, I listen to your concern/requests, and am fully committed to making your dreams come true.

My goal as an smart home designer is to enhance the way you live by making the most out of your space and bringing its full potential to life.

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